So you have decided that you want to buy a gaming headset from Turtle Beach but can’t decide witch? Let our Turtle Beach headset 2019 guide help you!

Turtle Beach Recon 50p/50x

The Cheapest

Turtle Beach Recon 50p/50x is a lightweight wired headset that has deservingly become extremely popular thanks to its very cheap and reasonable price for  the performance you get out of the box. 

What we love with this model except for its cheap price is that the sound quality compared to the higher priced models is hardly compromised (except for the bass that varies in some instances). The same applies to the microphone, which performs to a very satisfying standard. What is also good with the Turtle Beach Recon 50p/50x is that they are lightweight.

On the downside the Reason 50p and 50x does have a rather weak build quality, with poor noice cancelling and a fit that wouldn’t be considered as comfy for all gamers. 

If you’re a gamer looking for a very cheap affordable headset where efforts has been put mainly in sound and microphone quality, this one is for you!

The turtle beach Reacon 50p and 50x are two identical headsets in terms of features. The colors and branding are the only two separations between the Recon 50p and 50x, where the 50p is blue and targeted for PS4 gamers and the 50x is green and targeted to Xbox One gamers. They have however warned that some Xbox One controllers may require purchasing the Ear Force headset audio controller. Please find all Recon 50 differences in our article here.

Feel free to to check them out on Amazon below for more specifications.




Turtle Beach Recon 200

A cheap impressive headset

The turtle beach Recon 200 is for its money one of the most affordable gaming headset options on the market right now. For its price it does provide high quality sound, however there are a few areas with weaker performance. In terms of battery, the Recon 200 only provide about 12 hours of battery and has amps that need to be charged. It has an always-on bass boost feature, which could be of concern for a gamer that values different sound features.

The Turtle beach also comes with onboard controls for volume and Variable Mic Monitoring that allows you to adjust your on voice in relation to other players, as well as selection between PS4™ and Xbox One.

We recommend this headset for a gamer looking for a cheap solution that provides a solid overall quality and great sound performance. 

The Recon 200 is available in both black and white. Feel free to to check them out on Amazon below for more specifications.



Turtle Beach Stealth 300

An affordable, yet comfy performer 


The Stealth 300 is a comfortable headset which is great for a gamer looking for quality on a budget. It has 4 audio presets including Bass, Bass Boost, Treble/Vocal Boost and Treble Boost. 

We love that this headset sits very comfortable on the head, even with glasses thanks to its ProSpecs™ Glasses Relief System. This cushion solution allow gamers who wear glasses to play without compromising in comfort. What we also like with the Stealth 300 is that it does provide about 40 hours of battery. The headset’s amps do however need to be charged in order for it to work, which can be a bit of a hassle.

The Turtle Beach Stealth 300 is available in both and green for Xbox and blue for playstation . Feel free to to check them out on Amazon below for more specifications.



Turtle Beach Stealth 700 

High quality wireless Headset for a reasonable price


For a still reasonably cheap price you’ll have a high performing headset with surround sound, active noise-cancellation and bluetooth. We also enjoy the specially equipped Superhuman Hearing™ sound setting that give you the advantage of hearing game-changing sounds that could easily go missed.

Our main concern with this headset isn’t a massive one, but we would have wanted to see a longer battery life than the 10 hours you get on the Stealth 700 for this price. If you remember to charge between the sessions you should be fine. On the downside is also the bass that can be a bit dominant at times, especially when volume increases. 

The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 is available in both and green to the left (Xbox) and blue to the right (Playstation) . Feel free to to check them out on Amazon below for more specifications.



Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 

High quality sound and design – The Performer

In collaboration with some of the most successful esports teams the Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 came to life, and the outcome has been a great success.This headset provides excellent clarity for highly competitive gaming. The microphone is extremely clear and has optional mic monitoring through TruSpeak. Also you can connect it to your mobile device via theTurtle Beach Audio Hub App for full control of your Elite Pro 2. We also highly value its bluetooth connectivity that seems to work very satisfying.

The main downside is obviously its price compared to the other Turtle Beach headsets covered in this article, however it does perform in accordance with it so if you have the money – Go for it!

The Turtle Beach Elite Pro 2 is available in both black (Playstation) and white (Xbox). Feel free to to check them out on Amazon below for more specifications.


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