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The Bose QC 35 are fantastic pair of headphones living up to its top class noice cancelling reputation. These headphones might be targeted to commuters and travellers in first hand, however our experience is that it does work very well for gaming as well. Finally, our Xbox X has arrived and we got to test our favourite headphones, the Bose QC35, with the new Xbox X console. 

Bose headphones and Xbox series X console

Let’s begin with making clear that the Bose QC35 are still arguably one of the best headphones on the market in terms of sound quality. Other than the outstanding sound performance, we appreciate the simplicity of the Bose Qc35. It is easy to set up and doesn’t have a lot of strange functions that could possibly mess up your gaming experience. Having used the QuietComfort headphones for years, our experience with the QC35 is that no matter where you are, what game you play or what you listen to or do, it does the job for you in an impressive manner.

Our test verified that the Xbox X and Bose QC35 makes for a great match if you are looking for a truly immersive experience, where high-end image quality meets sound performance of top class. From environmental noises to music details, the Bose QC35 will make you hear sounds you wouldn’t have heard with speakers or even some of its headphone competitors.

As for the noice reduction the battery life amounts to around 20 hours, which we find more than sufficent for daily usage. New for the Qc35 compared to its predecessor CQ25 is that the battery is now charged via its own usb cable instead of alkaline batteries. A very welcomed solution in our opinion.

The Bose Qc35 offers the conveniency of using bluetooth, however the Xbox X and S do not offer native Bluetooth support, meaning that you will unfortunately not be able to connect any Bluetooth audio devices directly to your console. The cable that comes with your headphones does not have a microphone.

We suggest any gamer that would like to game with microphone to buy the Bose QC25 cable for samsung/android, which will give you both wired audio and and microphone compatibility for your Bose Qc35 headphones. Click here to view the cable on Amazon.

Check out our demonstration on Xbox X below.

If you use Playstation or Xbox One, feel free to check out our QC35 to PS4 tutorial here, Xbox One here and Playstation 5 here.

The verdict is that the Bose Qc35 are great headphones for allround usage including gaming. We recommend this for a user who value high end sound quality, active noise cancelling and want to get more usability than a great gaming experience.

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